Thursday, 18 August 2016

Recording new album with Romano Nervoso: guitar rig, miking and preamp

After many attempts, we decided for the VHT Pittbull combo.
The sound is thinner than the Hiwatt head. But most of the time you will cut a lot of low frequencies during the mix, so why don't do it from the beginning?
The option to record both amps was nice, but we don't want to have 6 recorded tracks for every guitar lane, 'cause it will results in more than 20 tracks just for guitars in each session, and it doesn't correspond to our idea of punk-rock production.
About miking, nothing too sexy: a dynamic Shure SM57, best workhorse ever, and a condenser Audio-Technica AT4040.
A DI will assure a clean line track recorded,  just in case we need to reamp for some reason with another amp.
Look at the cables: The guitar is going straight to the DI without any pedal or effect.
The balanced output goes straight to the Control Room, the unbalanced output is connected to the amp, and the link is used to send the guitar sound to the tuner without add a step to the signal chain.

Both line and mics go in Drawmer 160 tube preamp and compressor units.
No EQ at all while tracking. It's all about find the sweet spot with the mic position.
But again, nothing fancy: straight to the very middle of the speaker.
Don't overthink before trying the easy way!
From here, a patch bay brings the sound into a Pro Tools system.

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