Monday, 29 August 2016

How to play Metallica "Hardwired" at the guitar - #1 - Advanced level Tutorial (+ Presonus Studio One Click trick)

If you're just looking for chords and riffs you can find it everywhere on the web.

This is a slightly different kind of tutorial, focusing on the sound, the position you should use, how to practice, how to make your riffs sound as close as possible to the original version, and how to put all together in the easiest way possible, since the main goal during a live show is Don't stop the flow!

I had a great time yesterday playing this one!
There are a lot of different parts to learn.
The positions on the freatboard are not difficult, but it's a challenge for the right hand, instead!
Also it was not so obvious for me to learn the arrangement (even if I know Metallica wrote much more complicated songs) and keep focusing on each single part with the same power and timing!
Don't try to detect the right tempo in Pro Tools or what since there is not a single tempo start to finish, the tempo flows and it is on "on grid" unless you warp the whole song, and please don't do it!
Or you should write an automation lane on the master tempo track, and I don't think it worth the effort, I just add a 2 bars count-in click to start at the right point.
Here the "rendering" click option in Presonus Studio One 3 made my day, since I wrote down the audio click on a track just between loops marker. Just select 2 bars before the song, render the click, disable the real click and you're done!
About timing and playing, since it is a fast tempo and since it is played "live" and not "on grid", I really need a pair of headphones to match the song and playing along the song with a good amount of glue. Listening to it just from speakers is a little bit confusing, specially during the fastest parts, where your ears tend to identify the snare beat with the downbeat, while it's still the upbeat, and it is not so obvious to catch the perfect sync.
Headphones helps to be more "in the song" and play with the band.

Thank you all, see you next time!

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