Monday, 31 July 2017

DIY Guitar Strap Lock with a bottle cap - How to - Tutorial

When you're touring and and the promoter brings you a spare guitar without strap lock, you definitely don't want to see that '78 unique Les Paul fall on the floor, right?
Well to avoid to argue with him, create your own strap lock in 5 minutes!

TIP 1 - The clip is just a quick idea, obviously you wanna match the hole with the screw in your guitar body. But it works, it saved my life several times.

TIP 2 - Keep in mind this technique doesn't work if you just forgot your strap but your screws come from a real strap lock system. Usually the top of that screw is not large enough to avoid the strap to tear away, with or without cap. So find another "locker" around or replace the screw with the original larger one before placing the plastic cap.

Thanks to my ex bandmate Ronald Dondez from Driving Dead Girl for the tip.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Magnetica Leoni - The Good One - Available on YouTube, iTunes and Spotify

That's true, this is supposed to be a guitar-oriented Blog. But that new vintage-electro European collective is called Magnetica Leoni, and I am part of it. To be more precise, I produced it and mixed it. Enjoy!