Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Recording new album with Romano Nervoso: my guitars and amps

We've spent the evening placing our instruments in the room.
My main guitar for that album will be the black Fender Telecaster USA, 1988 with original pickups,
That guitar gives me all the edge and attack I need for nervous rock'n'roll riffs, but since the pickups are old and "tired" they never sound too harsh or too heavy.
The Gibson Firebird is ready too, just in case I need a fat sound.
The stack in the background is not mine and I don't think I'm gonna use it.

For one or two songs I'm pretty sure I'll go for the Fender Stratocaster since I need a whamy bar to play some vibrato in a surf / western style.
On the back, a Danelectro Baritone. I'm not sure I'll need that one, but "on sais jamais". Intervals and tuning are the same of a standard guitar, but starting from lower B instead of E. It is fat and hot as hell.
About the organ, I wish I could play it...

Amp 1: Combo Pittbull 100 VHT
Amp 2: Hiwatt head Hi Gain 50 and 4 x 12 VHT cabinet
Both set for a crunch suond for the 90% of the songs.

Talk soon about rig, mics and settings.
Stay tuned!

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