Monday, 28 November 2016

Go and get that Mesa Boogie sound for 9 bucks! Plugin Alliance Brainworx Black Friday

Hi everyone!
If you're a guitar player or a producer, I have a tip for you.
I'm no more into the Gear Acquisition Syndrome, but I'm still obsessed by the offers that many companies run during Black Friday and all that crap. Some are just scam, some others are absolutely stunning and totally worth the price.
Even if I'm not a big fan of the well known Mesa Boogie sound.
Even if  I am a happy Native Instruments Guitar Rig user.
Even If a own a top class chain to record the real thing and I love it (yes, I'm 40 I was born with the real thing).
Well, I had the chance to buy the Plugin-Alliance / Brainworx  bx_Megasingle for 29 bucks some months ago.
No bullshit and no fancy, just a guitar amp.
It lacks of reverb, it lacks of tuner and the included delay is just meaningless to me.
Some people say it has some bugs too, and that it can crash the system, but everything seems to work fine for me.
That said.
The sound is just amazing.
You can buy it until tomorrow for 9 bucks (instead of 149)
No, seriously. 9 bucks. 8 €.
So, if you're a guitar player or into production, act now, go and grab that fucking Mesa amp direct into your bedroom, your home studio or professional studio.
Please do it.
You won't be disappointed.
It simply blow away all the rock/metal amp you have with sophisticated guitar suites such as Guitar Rig and Amplitube for 1/20 of the price.
Do it!
You will have fun, I promise.
And if don't like it, ok guys, it's the price of 5 picks, let's say I'll pay you a beer if we meet around.

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