Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Nuno Bettencourt Washburn N2 - this little monster blows me away

Last summer I was playing in a piece called "Elle(s)" at the Avignon OFF Festival.
I saw that 2nd hand Washburn N2 (made in Indonesia) in a guitar shop, I've tried it once.
I've tried it again 2 days later.
Then I've tried it a 3rd time.
I came back home with that guitar, end of the story.
I had an original N4 model at that time, I think it was in 1991, I've sold it straightway due to an issue to the bridge.
So I can say I know how a real N4 sounds, and that little monster N2 has nothing to be afraid of.
IMO, the only real difference is the lack of the Extended Cutaway.
Pick-ups are the same, the neck is comfortable, the sound is as it should be, and the sustain it is just incredible.
Nuno Bettencourt influenced my playing for so many years, and even if I don't think I could play that kind of stuff on stage anymore, I'm just having great time remembering that kind of sound.
And thank you Nuno for the eternal inspiration.

I think this guitar is just here to remember me one simple thing.
I'm not talking about bands, fashion, managements, courses, money, shredding, ostentation.
I really don't care about.
This guitar is just here to remember me one simple thing.
I love playing the guitar.

So, I'm talking to you.
Play. Play your guitar. Play as much as you can. It is just amazing.

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