Sunday, 5 June 2016

Jimi Hendrix reborn: Brandon "Taz" Niederauer - Voodoo Child

I have to be honest.
Usually I don't care about children playing incredible guitar parts.
There's a kind of "autism" that most of the time makes me feel sad.
And no, I'm not jealous.
I just think they're loosing their childhood reaching non-human results.
Think about all the young oriental children playing impossible parts just as they were robots, or all the young girls singing in stupid talent shows exactly as they were at the Opera, looking at their parents among the crowd.
OK, well done, I just don't care.

But THIS guy!!!!
What the hell.
I'm not sure I can explain that difference to someone who's not deeply involved into guitars and rock'n'roll stuff.
THIS guy is feeling every single note he's playing.
Damn, he's playing rock'n'roll and that's all!
His technique is excellent, but it's not what I'm talking about.
His feeling, his touch, his playing, his improvisation... I mean... he plays way way better than the most of the guitar player I know.
And he's not a robot, he's just a fucking good blues guitar player.
Good luck, my friend.

And thanks to my cousin Claudia, I didn't know him before she sent me this video.

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