Monday, 30 October 2017

Slash play along - Sweet Child O'Mine by Guns N' Roses in the key of D

Hi you all!
I just added that easy trick to my YouTube channel: Sweet Child O'Mine by Guns N' Roses in the key of D.
The album version is in Db.
A lot of guitar players tune their guitar in D flat, due to the big fat sound they obtain, and for the lighter tension of their strings which makes bending easier, specially with thick strings.
If you're a beginner it is not so obvious to find the right key this way, just because you actually CAN NOT reach that sound an notes with a standard tuning.

But even if you're a professional, once you've got the idea that the song you want to play is in Eb (or D) tuning, you have 2 options:
1- You can tune your guitar down to Eb (simply annoying if you have fixed bridge guitar, Absolutely Fxxxing Annoying if you have a vibrato system)
2- Import the song in a DAW to use a Transpose tool

...and if you're like me, the 90% of the time you will lose the pleasure and give up, and you will skip to another song, or worse to another activity.

So, that's my gift for you all, a good old rock song I didn't play since I was 18 just because it makes me sick to drop down my guitar.

What are you waiting for?
Plug your guitar and play it as it is: The original version, but in the key of D!

Have FUN!

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