Friday, 13 October 2017

How to write your first song // You're not too young to write a song! Tu n'es pas trop jeune pour écrire une chanson!

"My Students" Episode 1

Alberto is 10 years old, and he attends my guitar class in Brussels. He came out with that song.
I helped him here and there in the creative process and with the arrangement, but he wrote and performed it.
I just programmed the drums with some Native Instruments plugins, recorded and mixed.
Thanks to my other pupils Auriane and Ida-Marie, aged 13 and 12 for the acoustic guitars and the backing vocals.

I did a very small amount of editing and fixing. The goal is not having a perfect fake radio-ready pop song but teaching my students how to arrange and record a song, and work it out with headphones, metronome and layering parts and instruments.

So, what are waiting for? Write your first song!

More to come, stay tuned and spread the word :-)

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