Friday, 24 June 2016

How to use my YouTube channel to learn guitar and have fun

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Here's my 
YouTube Channel demystified.

You can use it just for fun, and as tool to practice guitar.
I keep it simple.
There are 4 public playlists (see below).
In the near future I'll provide exlusive videos too, just for the Tartare subscribers and my flash & blood pupils.
Start the tour, click on the tiltle to enter the playlist!

Guitar Tricks
My videos. Riffs, licks, tutorial, soloing, well known songs explained.

Guitar Heroes
A must see for every guitar player.

Backing Tracks

Use this playlist to improve your soloing skills!

Songs To Play Along

If you're watching this playlist you should already know how to play at least one of these songs. Isn't it?

...and be sure to 

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